Brief Notification Of Reduced Attention For A Bit – But The Work Still Goes On!

I’m back to university as of this week, and the course difficulty’s ratcheted up – so I’ll have considerably less time to devote to our work though Arya Akasha for a bit.

Rather than just ‘going dark’ completely, I’ll endeavour to explore other ways to keep the flow of information & insight open.

These may include posting answers to questions people have messaged to ask which may prove of general interest as shorter-form pieces; or, for that matter, doing another (and this time semi-regular) Q&A thread.

Interested in ideas, thoughts and comments. Unenthused about having to take time off from giving Arya Akasha the large share of my energy and attention (and you guys don’t even see most of the effort, because much of the research-work and person-to-person comms don’t translate into published pieces 😛 ), but committed to seeing it through.


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