What Is Arya Akasha ?

Arya Akasha is engaged at the cutting edge of research into the mythic heritage of the Indo-European Peoples. We bring to bear our expertise in a range of fields in order to help illuminate the radiantly glorious faiths of our ancestors. Our work includes in-depth looks at the Gods, rites, society and culture, languages and history of the Indo-Europeans. We don’t just seek to analyze these individually on a culture by culture basis – but to also take a comparative approach, which shows how they all intersect, interconnect, and intertwine as part of a coherent view of the universe and our place within it. 

Whether Vedic or Eddic (Hindu or Nordic / Germanic), Greek, Roman, Slavic, Celtic, Scythian, or other Indo-European cultures still more exotic – we examine and elucidate their beliefs; and how these all ultimately descend from the Proto-Indo-European people at the ancient, ancestral root of us all. 

We are committed to making Indo-European mythology and religion both accessible and – above all – accurate even amidst the modern age. Our articles, videos, infographics, and direct personal engagement are all done with this most magnificent aim in mind. 

This work is chiefly – although not exclusively – the work of Curwen Ares Rolinson, a devout Hindu of Scandinavian and Breton ancestry (as well as Indo-Nepali adoptive family) who has spent the previous half-decade devoted to understanding not only his own faith – but how that living creed intersects (and can support the resurrection of) the ancient Indo-European religions of Europe. 

We warmly invite you to join us upon this sacred journey. 

Exploring our Past
Informing our Present
Illuminating our Future

कृण्वंतो विश्वमार्यं