A Brief Metaphysics of Soma , Vak , Vajra

Earlier today, I was asked a question about the nature of Soma and Amrit . I’ve written quite extensively about these topics elsewhere – but instead of just posting an onslaught of links, I thought it would be helpful to provide a brief overview of what’s going on with these and the true nature of same. This also touches upon some other closely related areas of frequent interest, so I’ve also included the Vajra as well. There are a few other points that probably could/should have been made (including that what is represented by the Vajra as the result of this is immanent Cosmic Law [Rta, i.e. Rta-As-Brahman] – hence why it is such a symbol of power, majesty, and the successful prosecution of the War Against Chaos) – and some additional discussion of cognate understandings from elsewhere in the Indo-European sphere (e.g. the Nordic Mead of Poetry … as well as how this links into the enlightening Wells and the location of Odin’s Eye; and, in a slightly different way, ‘Eitr’; there are further points around the relationship of Life to the Absolute, also). But for now, this should be sufficient. 

Response begins: 

“I mean, the really really short version of where my metaphysics/theology is at on this issue is:

Brahman is exterior to reality and found beyond The Waters [as liminal sphere around the universe]

Various Vedic concepts are, in effect, ‘brining into’ this reality that Supernal – or some sparks thereof, imprinting thereof, etc.

So, for example, per the excellent theology of Sayana – Vak Devi is in-universe expression of Rta-As-Brahman [and this also underpins the Vacam Garjit Lakshanam concept – Thunder bearing the Characteristics/Imprinting of Divine Speech] …

… and, entirely uncoincidentally, we find the citations – for example in RV VIII 100 – for the Vajra as also being found out there in/beyond The Waters, and then brought in to this Reality via Devi’s allowance.

Which is buttressed further by the material around Devi Vak Saraswati working with the Asvins to do exactly this when Indra is requiring a Vajra in order to fight Namuki in the Shatapatha Brahmana accounting of the episode in question.

Now, of course – what else do the Asvins do? Preside over important elements (including the secrets of – and the instruction in these of same) of the Soma rite. That ‘imprinting’/’imbuing’ of the (Supernal) essence in question.

And, to add to this, we have this notion of Saraswati in relation to the Celestial Ganges – flowing down from the Supernal that is beyond the universe, to Mahadev’s Head. Too pure to land anywhere else.

And hence also why these points around Amrit [‘Immortality’ – a cognate term both linguistically and functionally] in relation to Soma , are all expressing this similar concept: the investiture of the Eternal. Brahman.

Sometimes it is in actively weaponized form – sometimes it is in healing form (the ‘life-essence’ we may say). Sometimes it is in Speech / Prayerful form [and that expresses ‘both directions’ of this relationship’ – Coming Down and Going Up].

But in effect, whatever form it is that is bearing the imprinting , the bestowal of this Uppland Essence – that is the vector for it.

So the question around whether it is some sort of yogically derived ‘internal Amrit’ of the soul – or some sort of empowering elixir that is prepared with, say, psilocybin mushrooms … the answer to this is, of course, “YES”.

Because contingent upon how you arrive at it – and one is most definitely complementary to the other – it is coming from / going to the same (quite literally ultimate) place.

And this is before we get into the excellent points contained in RV X 125 , the etymology of the word Rsi , and also for that matter, the manner in which Odin acquired the Runes

… but those are stories for another time.

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