The DeviSukta & (A)Art(I)


जय माता दी !

” 1. I proceed with the Rudras, with the Vasus, with the Ādityas and the Viśhvadevas; I support both Mitra and Varuṇa, Agni and Iñdra, and the two Aśvins.

2. I support the foe-destroying Tvaśtṛ, Pūśan and Bhaga; I bestow wealth upon the institutor of the rite offering the oblation (havis) – (who is) pouring forth the libation and deserving of careful protection.

3. I am the sovereign queen (of all Existence), the collectress of treasures, cognizant of (the Supreme Being), the chief object of worship; as such, the gods have put me in many places, abiding in manifold conditions, entering into numerous (forms).

4. He who eats food (eats) through me; he who sees, who breathes, who hears what is spoken, does so through me; those who are ignorant of me, perish; hearken who is capable of hearing, I tell you that which is deserving of belief.

5. I verily myself declare this which is approved of by both gods and men; whomsoever I choose, I render him an exalted one, make him a ṛṣi, make him Brahman or make him highly intelligent.

6. I bend the bow (to fasten the bow string at its ends) for Rudra, to slay the tormenting, Brahman-hating enemy. I wage war against (hostile) men (to protect the praying ones); I have pervaded the Heaven and earth.

7. I bring forth the paternal (heaven – abode of the manes) upon the crown (brows) of (this Supreme Being); my genesis is from the waters (cosmic – the all pervading Entity); from thence, I pervade through all beings and reach this heaven with my body.

8. I verily myself breathe forth like the wind, issuing out form to all the created worlds; beyond the heaven, beyond the world (I Exist eternally – beyond space & time) – so vast am I in my greatness.

– RigVeda Mandala 10 , Hymn 125 , Rao, P. Venkata Translation

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