Sky-Earth-Thunder – A Brief Comparative Model of the Divine Family

Sky Father Earth Mother Striker Thunderer marked
“Instead of posting a multi-thousand word article, I thought I’d try experiment with a shorter-form word-count chart. This time, a) seeking to briefly express how many Indo-European mythologies record a Sky Father – Earth Mother, Striker/Thunderer familial unit; b) show that Greek/Roman mythology did some … odd things, that lead to at least two ‘layers’ of the same mythic archetypal elements ‘repeating’ – as a way of explaining why the Classical Zeus/Jupiter is *also* a Striker/Thunderer, despite having the Sky Father theonymic etymology, and fathering further Striker/Thunderer figures; c) also build in parts of the observation of Zeus-Hades-Poseidon/Jupiter-[Dis Pater, Pluto]-Neptune actually being a ‘triple-aspect’ of the same God.

There’s a lot of material that I could have added, both to the chart, as well as to this annotative intro, to further demonstrate the fundamental coterminity of the mythic characteristics going on here [for example, the great strength of Hercules, Antaeus, Hanuman, Thor, Bhima, etc.; and the Serpent/Dragon-Slaying of Hercules, Zeus, Indra, Thor etc. … you get the idea] … but then we’d be just writing a multi-thousand word article, wouldn’t we.”


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