A Brief Elucidation On The Celtic Origin Of April Fool’s Day

Posted on behalf of Will Bordsen:

“Gwydion is the Welsh god of magic and wisdom, analogous to the Germanic Odin and Greek Hermes. In addition to being the leader of the House of Don, slayer of Pryderi (God of the year, mortality), father figure to Llew (God of battle, light) and creator of Blodeuwedd (Goddess of flowers, dawn)….. he is the originator of April Fools Day 🙂

Arianrhod (Goddess of the moon) had placed a curse on Llew which made him unable to carry a weapon. To remove the curse, on the first of April, Gwydion and Llew assumed the forms of traveling bards and visited Arianrhod’s castle. Awhile after arriving, Gwydion conjured the illusion of a powerful invading army that looked like it was there to invade the castle. Panicked, Arianrhod casted a spell that gave each man at her castle an enchanted weapon, thereby removing the curse she had placed on Llew, who would become the most powerful warrior in the Welsh pantheon.

Hail Gwydion!”

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