The Egg Of Nemesis In Etruscan Presentation By Turms / Hermes / Mercury

An Etruscan depiction of the Egg of Nemesis being presented to the King of Sparta, hence the labelling of ‘ Turms ‘ ( Hermes / Mercury ), ‘Tuntle’ (Tyndareos / Tyndareus), and ‘Latva’ (Leda)

This is from the lesser-known ‘alternate’ explication for the Birth of Helen [‘Elinei’ / ‘Elinai’ / ‘Elina’] in which it is Nemesis [potentially ‘Nortia’ / ‘Nurtia’ / ‘Norsia’ / ‘Norcia’ / ‘Nercia’ / ‘Nyrtia’ ] rather than Leda that is the Mother of the figure in question. [c.f. Pseudo-Hyginus’ Astronomica II 8 2]

My personal interpretation of this particular myth relates it to:

i) the situation found in the Hindu perception wherein Surya pursues Saranyu/Chhaya in animal form – one of the Children resultant being Tapati, a Solar Goddess [and c.f. Helen – by linguistics, the former; and by worship attested in Sparta & Therapnae (Laconia), the latter – with, of further interest, Her worship being not only of that of Divinity, but also an Ancestor at Therapne, as well. Resonating with Tapati as Mother of Kuru, the eponymous forebear of the Kuru dynasty / Kaurava clan; the Father, Samvarana, being of Lunar Dynasty extraction – perhaps ref. ‘Menelaus’ as ‘Moon’, as some have contended … and, of course, RV X 85, wherein Sūryā, the Daughter of the Sun (i.e. Surya), is married by the Moon (here spoken of as Soma)], other progeny being, of course, the Asvins (i.e. the Dioscuri / Dioskouroi) … just as we find Castor & Pollux / Polydeuces to be situated as Brothers of Helen in the Classical comparanda. [There are some points about Saranyu/Chhaya and ‘Savarna’ [ref. RV X 17 2] in relation to Nemesis & Leda which I’ve made elsewhere that are also pertinent]

ii) the intriguing dimension of Indo-European kingship wherein a ‘divine child’ – or, at least, the ‘seed’ or ‘essence’ for one – is indeed to be bestowed to the (human) king and queen in ritualistic proceedings intimately connected to the Horse-Sacrifice of Sovereignty [ref. the ‘Gharma’ (‘Juice’ ‘Day[light]’, ‘Sunshine’, ‘Warmth’) in vessel – and the production of this in relation to the Sun, as well as mention for a certain ‘Herdsman’ (‘gopā’) Who wanders upon various paths amidst the Worlds … as well as the most intriguing contemplation of Rudra’s saliency in all of this, per various scholarly works which we shall not get into here; and also that Apple sent by Odin to Rerir – resulting in Volsung, a figure of rather pointed name in these proceedings]

But more upon all of that some other time.

2 thoughts on “The Egg Of Nemesis In Etruscan Presentation By Turms / Hermes / Mercury

  1. Always brought back to the Indo-European root of Nemesis which is *nem-, which is also the root of the Old Irish neim (‘poison’) on the one hand and nemed (‘sanctuary, holy place’) on the other.


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