A Further Saturnian Hymn [Juventino Saturn Hymnals I of VII]

As we have said – we intend to present a series of bespoke liturgies for Saturn with a view to rendering justly more prominent within the minds of men His Glory.

And so – this being Saturday, His Day, here is the next in the series (indeed, the first of a set of seven) penned (and then translated into English) by our associate Pereira Juventino [ Clécio Dauphin ] (as was the previous installment of these, to be found herein; art in both cases by SW).

First Hymn to Saturn

Listen to Us, oh Venerable God
And Lord of maximum potency!
Describe Your new kingdom over us,
Opening the path to heavenly treasures
And pouring over earth the all-sacred
lights of yore; the warm expansion
That reverberates, opening itself
In waters to every side, and the
Waters uttering from drop to drop
That Saturn is truly King.
That in You there is rest and fortitude,
And in accurate forms the mortals
Abound around You, in search for
Your sacred counsel and the return
To Ages away from toil and wear,
Away from hindrance and hardship,
And from cold and misfortune,
And from penury and fear.
Because all things are given
To us through You, Saturn,
And nothing is lacking to men or beasts;
There is neither thirst or sleepiness,
Nor is shed the blood,
Nor is spilled the sweat.
But instead all things remain right
Under Your ward, fed by
Your marmoreal warm, and by
The certainty that the plentiful
Saturn remains alive among the mortals.
Listen, oh Sovereign over Sovereigns!
Do not divert Your eyes or ears from us,
And do not take Your blessings away;
But return now, Saturn, and set in
Those men Your divine spirit.

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