The Modern Propitiation Of Apollo Smintheus – Bring The Dawn

Here at Arya Akasha, we do not simply write about Indo-European theology.

We attempt to support those writings – that which we are writing about – ‘coming (back) to life’ !

In some cases, this means making available elements for persons out there to reconnect with the heritage (their own, directly) – or to immerse themselves more fully in the branches of the Indo-European mytho-religious Tree that are ‘cousins’ to their own, yet in rather more healthy contemporary shape.

In other cases, we are privileged to encounter upon the road persons and groups that are already engaged in their own reconstructive or resurrective efforts … that just so happen to coincide almost exactly with where our attentions currently should be found.

This was just what had happened late last month, wherein a new associate was seeking to carry out a rite to Apollo Smintheus. That storied Divinity encountered most prominently within the first Book of the Iliad – and Who, as we may have pointed out elsewhere, occurs to us to be most strongly resonant with our more immediately familiar Rudra.

Now, we shall not go into too much detail as to what the rite was comprised of. That would not be proper.

What we shall state, however, is that we were genuinely impressed with the liturgies utilized therein.

Why so? Because within them, we observed elements that we had so often been writing about. Roudran elements that were also Apollo elements – which, at first, one could be forgiven for presuming were simply the Sanskrit hailings translated … and yet, upon closer inspection and with an eye to the Lore, were very much attestable in the Ancient Greek (etc.) languages of the Classical (or Classically-adjacent) Sphere that He (Apollo) had emerged from.

Emerged, it would seem, even into the modern age, once more. Although more properly speaking – as we have tirelessly advocated … He never went away.

It really was remarkable to behold: a situation wherein the Roudran ‘outlines’ could be utilized as a ‘template’ that helped to make sense of the Apollo elements that can be found scattered across an array of Classical texts.

A tangible demonstration in practical application that textual elements “scattered” across a textual corpus (indeed, several such IE spheres) – nevertheless pertain to a singular Deific. A ‘Constellationalization’ of bright sparks strewn into a Lord of Light (Everlasting).

And one wherein – contrary to what some of our critics have occasionally sought to allege – we are not witnessing the ‘colonization’ of the Hellenic (or any other IE) sphere by the Hindu. With, instead, the exact opposite – the Exaltation of what is authentically to be found within the Classical sphere, supported positively by some ‘guidance’ or ‘inspiration’ evident also within the Hindu.

Exactly what we are here to resurrect, and to support.

We look forward to further efforts in this regard.

Bring the Dawn.

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