Devi Worship In Puerto Rico For NavRatri [Operation VaishvaDevi]

For this year’s #NavRatri, we said we would be doing something a little different – a ‘Show of Force’ [Shakti]

A tangible demonstration that Devi (and Her Devotees) can be found not only in the Hindu perspective (or, for that matter, what we often think of as the Hindusphere) … but right across the Indo-European World.

So, with that in mind – here is Shiva Santiago’s offering to Devi, carried out ‘neath a sturdy mango tree upon his farm, in Puerto Rico.

To quote him: “It’s a shrine under a mango tree. The offerings are sugar cane, turmeric, Neem leaves, 9 lemons to symbolize the 9 Durgas and a coconut oil lamp. Everything is harvested from the farm I live on.

I’m keeping the lamp lit all night as a symbol of her victory over darkness.

This is our show of Power. The Deity’s Victory Banner. Place the name there for the World to see that there are Devotees of Devi In every corner of the World.”

To this we would be tempted to add an extended digression upon the subject of Devi in relation to Trees – viz. the Matrikas and the propitiation of same. As well as the incipient symbolism to the Mango (and Mango Tree).

But that could only distract from his own piercingly put excellent expression as to our Credo.

So, with that in mind – what else is left to be said?

Other than ‘Krinvanto Vishvam Aryam’ (as this most illuminatingly, literally is);

And, of course:

Jai Mata Di !

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