On Strengthening The Gods Through Pious Action – The Indo-European View

We were asked to weigh in on this tweet by The_Hellenist … and the ensuing controversy it’s kicked up on Twitter.

So … here goes:

Simple answer is: “Kinda”

In relative terms to the Divine and the immanency / saliency of Cosmic Order (Rta, Orlog) , at any rate.

You can see this in the Nordic canon in another way – Yggdrasil’s wood is nourished with oblation to repair the damage it continually suffers.

I really briefly ran through the main myth i tend to anchor this sort of stuff on [the situation viz. the vanquishing of the demon Durgamasur – who sought to overthrow the Gods by wiping knowledge of rites from minds of men] here:

We would also observe the situation enunciated in RV IX 63 5 – which, entirely uncoincidentally, is where the Arya Akasha ‘motto’ comes from:

इन्द्रं वर्धन्तो अप्तुरः कृण्वन्तो विश्वमार्यम् ।
अपघ्नन्तो अराव्णः ॥

To slightly loosely paraphrase into a language we’re all better familiar with:

We do the righteous, pious acts … this strengthens Indra … this makes the world / universe ‘proper / righteous’ …

… and suppresses the anti-religious forces.

Although in terms of what the guy with the “instagram influencers” comment is getting at – this piece may prove pertinent.

Besides, we of course do not disagree that Gods are not akin to ‘instagram influencers’.

Instagram influencers don’t really do anything. They’re just … there on the other side of the screen. In image-form only

Gods, by contrast … much more than two-dimensional inactive.

One way you can fairly easily ‘square the circle’ – is by noting that pious actions (which tend, in the case of the more involved rites of ‘high religion’, to feature apotropaic elements ‘baked in’ as part of the cleansing of the ritual space in the first place …) –

the carrying out of local potent acts of ritual piety increase the local saliency of i) Divinity and ii) Cosmic Order .

This has tangible impacts. For a start, you carry out rites -& it is visible that you are carrying out rites – it changes the perception of the humans around you.

In the case of Indo-European religious resurrection – that is a vitally important thing to do.

Shows we’re still here.

And for a second – well, of course, the more actively metaphysically malevolent forces that might so happen to be about the place (demons, demon-worshippers, you get the idea) .. well, ‘puts them on notice’, doesn’t it.

Even afore the metaphysical side to wardings considered.

Too often, i think, we head into a .. very ‘big-headed’ and ‘me-centric’ conception about these sorts of things

You or me not carrying out a ritual observance is very unlikely to entail the end of the world. We’re not -well, Gods don’t exist contingent only upon one guy’s prayer.

We are not the center of the Universe. They – or, at least, particular of Them – are.

However, the corollary to that is that which I seek to draw out here, as it is instructive:

If you (personally) don’t carry out rites … it isn’t going to fatally disempower a Deity.

But it will mean that the saliency for the Divine in your life and your immediate environs is going to be that much less.

So, from your perspective – the Gods are more remote.

Effectively what I am saying is: us, varying groups of humans, drawing away from the Gods … is NOT the same as the Gods withdrawing from the Universe.

It may just look like it if your perspective is ‘stuck’ down here in your own immediate ken of view.

Hence the confusion.

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