The Propitiation of Poseidon – A ‘Weapons Test’ / ‘Field Test’ Of Applied Indo-European Piety In The Modern Age

At Arya Akasha, we do not simply talk about resurrecting Indo-European piety.

We also resurrect Indo-European Piety.

This from a ritual offering to Poseidon about to commence, carried out by one of our Brahmins, and designed by he, myself, and one of our Hellenic experts.

Now I said ‘Indo-European Piety’ – precisely because I meant it. We had to draw from both the Hindu understandings and what has come down to us from the Hellenic sphere in order to make this work.

And, as I said – it was conducted by a Brahmin, to a Hellenic facing of a God also known to us in the Hindusphere; making use of a Trishula – a Trident, we could also feasibly say – as a direct component to the offering. [These are both co-expressive of the Spear of the Sky Father; just as Poseidon is also a Facing to He, as with Rudra]

Weapons-offerings into Waters or Bogs also are something attested in the Germanic sphere, as a point of interest – and this informs the speculation that the GEBO-ANSUZ bindrune on the Kragehul I spearshaft may mean ‘Gift to the Divine’ of the weapon in question.

Now, for various reasons I shall not discuss in great depth nor detail what actually went on in the ritual in question. It would not be proper to in full general, public view.

Yet we can confirm that this operation represented a successful ‘Weapons Test’, if you like. In more ways than one.

Both in the sense that the Ritual formulation (and its Ancient Greek invocation! To both Poseidon as well as Athena!) worked – and also that we, the ‘weapons’ in another sense, were also ‘fit for purpose’.

This was ‘confirmed’ via various positive and auspicious occurrences both at the ‘launch site’, as well as prior to and subsequent to the offering in completion being carried out.

Several weeks ago, we sent one of our men to the Parthenon in Nashville in order to propitiate Athena there.

This has proven a grand ‘first step’ in various regards.

So – with evident Divine Approval for our continued efforts in this sphere, we felt it appropriate to add further depth and complexity to our operations.

Not least as, it should seem, we had been ‘guided’ by rather remarkable chains of ‘circumstance’ to do so just as we did therein.

We shall be continuing these efforts as and when they are appropriate to do so.

Specially selected volunteers heading out on missions –

To propitiate Deific-facings that are resonant with them –

In fashions that incorporate ‘reconstructive’, ancient and modern, and above all Indo-European elements of decidedly active Faith.

Indo-European Piety, outside of the more directly Hindu sphere – and outside of the Museum-cases, as applies Europe specifically – is coming back.

Not in some haphazard, nor accidental fashion.

But precisely, deliberately, and well-craftedly.

With resounding strength drawn from multiple directions.

Just as it should be.

Hail The Gods


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