“You And Whose Army” – Against Claims Of Indo-European Religious Revival Being Somehow ‘Just An Insignificant Fringe’

We have often heard assertions that Germanic (or Hellenic, or various other) revivalist religious efforts are pointless and ought not be taken seriously, due to their having purportedly small numbers of devotees.

As if that somehow vitiates the Gods Themselves

Faith is not a ‘numbers game’. Yet if one insists that to be a relevant rubric, Indo-European Piety can, indeed, weigh in on that score, too.

There are, at present, well over a billion Hindus out there in the world (indeed, it’s currently the second largest religion here in my country, New Zealand).

This means that any adherent of the Indo-European Gods can state with complete confidence that they are part of and party to a genuinely globe-spanning religious force.

The reason that we see people opposed to the worship of the Indo-European Gods bring up the relatively small size of contemporary Nordic / Germanic, Hellenic / Ancient Greek etc. revival efforts is obvious.

They are threatened by them. They feel that if they can make the whole thing seem so small and insignificant and isolated – that people shall ‘switch off’ from such endeavours, shall be dissuaded from continuing with their ongoing progress.

Because they also wish dearly to believe that ‘small number of worshippers = the God(s) must not be really real, or if real then really that powerful.’

This is why it is necessary, I feel, to ‘reconstrue’ how these things are thought about and spoken of. Both by our opponents – as well as by ourselves.

We commend the efforts of people working to re-engage with their ancestral IE forms of faith. Who have often been doing enormous work and with little tangible support from other communities elsewhere of similar inclination.

Yet it does not have to be that way.

We have tangibly demonstrated, time and time again, that it is possible to have a genuine – and rather ‘ecumenical’ – Indo-European Piety.

Where persons from a number of Indo-European faiths and traditions within those are able to come together, mutually support, and share strength. And to do so – importantly – in a way that does not trample upon the inherent diversity of the broader IE sphere, nor ‘stealth colonize’ for some ill-defined and entirely human-originated ‘syncretic-synthetic’ suite of ends.

So, if you should happen to encounter, out there in the wilds of social media – or, for that matter, somehow in the street – the sort of smugly self-righteous ‘societal policeman’ who thinks he or she can ‘talk down’ to you as if you are some child with ‘imaginary friends’ for your only co-religionists or Gods …

Just remember. You are part of one of the broadest and most enduring religious dominions ever established.

If we look around ourselves, here in the Western Indo-European sphere, what do we see?

We find all about us – Greek and Roman Myths, Gods, Concepts.
Germanic ones, too. It is literally impossible to make it through the week without acknowledging these.

The ‘High Culture’ of Europe and much of the rest of the world, has become indelibly infused with various forms of Indo-European pious expression. You can see it in every art gallery, many government buildings, the great rhetoric of political or other orators, and even (if occasionally in somewhat questionable interpretation) suffused throughout our mass-media of popular-cultural entertainment.

So when one of those aforementioned sorts Dares to try to cajole you that you and your faith have ‘no place’ within the (Post-)Christendom of the modern European, American, or Oceanian sphere … on the contrary.

You are merely continuing to fulfil, continuing to breathe the life, of that which we have all been living within the Shadows of for many centuries now.

And if they continue to insist that you are merely part of some small, entirely (post-)modern, and downright imaginary ethos …

… well, as we have said.

There may ‘only’ be a few thousand Greek, Roman, Germanic, Slavic, or various other ‘revivalist’ adherents in your immediate area. Perhaps even in your entire state or country.

But you are NOT ALONE.

You are merely bringing back into view something that had never truly left.

And you are not a ‘fringe’ – you are a ‘leading edge’.

One which stands as one (or more than one) denomination amidst many – of this, one of the truly Great Faiths of this world.

You, and at least 1.08 Billion Hindus 😀

Now let us see them attempt to claim that we’re all ‘not a real religion’, or whatever it is this week.

The Gods Never Left – and it is the pious engagement with Them that is coming back to the Western Indo-European sphere in earnest.

Bring the Dawn !

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