Exquisite Ketu Art – For Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse

For tonight’s Lunar Eclipse – fine modern art of Ketu, by Andrey Yarashevich.

Now Ketu is the ‘tail’ of Svarbhanu – following the Censurer of the Sun’s decapitation; Rahu being the Head.

As a point of interest, the frequent usage of ‘Ketu’ that we find in the more archaic layers of the Vedas – should seem to indicate a ‘Tail’, as in one of a Comet. And there is a fascinating utilization of ‘Dhumaketu’ in a relevant AtharvaVeda hymnal that we shall (once again) be quoting shortly to refer to the ‘Smoke Banner’ of Death.

To quote from our last year’s Rahu piece via way of further explication on Ketu:

“A (perhaps overly simplistic) explication would construe Rahu & Ketu as ‘dark bodies’ that are supposed to intersperse between us down here on Earth and the Sun and the Moon. Phrased another way, these Graha effectively represent an Eclipse – but not in the simple manner of one of the conventionally identified celestial bodies interceding in between Earth and another. Rather, these two ‘Eclipses’ are thought of as being celestial bodies in and of themselves. Hence, even when there is not a literal Eclipse occurring, these Eclipses nevertheless continue to exist – Eclipses In Potentia, or Eclipses just waiting to become visible to us via actual conjunction we may say. It’s a fascinating concept, and remarkable in the mathematics that must surely have gone into calculating the movement of these quite literally invisible figures.”

You can read the full piece here:

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