The Duality Of Light And Dark – A Modern Representation Of Indo-European Divinity

Alright, I can finally post this ! HC got back to me mid-week with the ‘other half’ of his conceptual piece. What he’s chosen to illustrate here are two ‘sides’ or ‘facings’ to Indo-European Divinity – and I say Indo-European, because he’s done a fantastic job of drawing together iconographic elements from multiple Indo-European cultures into single figures.

In fact, it’s been rather interesting seeing some of the reactions – people ‘see’ what they’re familiar with and what they, personally, align with.

Greek / Roman revivalists note the Classical elements (as well they should – they’re justifiably prominent and very, very cool). Hades’ Bident, and the Pomegranate tree (an intriguing twinning to the golden-fruited tree of the light), the Chthonic setting of the ‘Dark’ side, the dramatic masks and pilasters on the throne

Nordic / Germanic resurrectionists shall note the noose, the one eye, the feathered cloak, ravens and cat(s), the rather Helish visage, and many other features.

And, of course, in the Hindu sectors of the audience – well, is that figure on the right with the leopard garmentry drawing from Dionysus’ description in such a manner .. or Rudra? Is the Trident that of Poseidon or Shiva? Is that subtle Third Eye on the forehead of the enthroned figure actually Zeus Triophthalmos (‘Three-Eyed’) And so many, many other elements besides.

Behind it all, the ‘River of Stars’ that resonates with the River of the Dead in the archaic (Proto-)Indo-European cosmology can be seen.
Bodies flowing to meet the realm on a golden flowing torrent of what might just be Fire.

Now there’s a lot more that I could say about … a really extensive array of the features of this piece, these pieces. But I am sure that others will be eager to go through and see what ‘traces’ to what and where and how.

Thanks to HC for another resonant piece !

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