Marut Art for Monday – Rudra’s Day

It is Monday – Rudra’s Day : And therefore … a Marut, as rendered by HC.

Now, way back when we started this effort, having Marut art was one of my major objectives. There’s a surprising paucity of it out there ‘in the wild’.

We’ve made an effort to collate an array of scriptural and other traditional iconographic elements for what a Marut should have – although I must emphasize that this is, in many ways, a bit of a ‘prototype’.

Largely because I keep coming back to HC with additional skeins of source-material and Brahminical commentary to ‘refine’ the design [so huge thanks to HC for tolerating this aspect to the work].

It’s likely that we’ll revisit this in the near future for a Mk.II incorporating the additional insights that we’ve gleaned in the interim.

But still – an excellent start !

One thought on “Marut Art for Monday – Rudra’s Day

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