Kali As Fire Of Time – Glorious Modern Hindu Art For Devi’s Day


Further art from Ravi Zupa

We also note, with regard to the lower portion of the text, the Vedic mention of ‘KaalAgniRudra’ – quite directly, the (Black) Fire of Time, and with the specific Rudra involvement (rendered in the relevant text as ‘KaalAgniRudraya’, because it is in the Sri Rudram of the Yajurveda and this is an invocation of offering To Him) connoting that it is the Apocalyptic Fire that is at the End of Time [the preceding TrikAgniKaalaya implicitly connoting, as the Three Fires which are carried out at different points of the Day, the Fire as Time (and its marking) within the span of existence afore the Night at the End of the World].

This continues the symbolism which we see in these standard depictions of Kali astride Lord Shiva.

For while Shiva is Mrityunjaya – the Conqueror of Death – we also therefore see Kali (Death, Time) as Conquering the Conqueror of Death.

A similar understanding underpins this ‘Time-Fire’ understanding here – Shiva as the Fire which Consumes the Universe – and yet, also, Who is Consumed by Her. [A somewhat ‘premature’ iteration of this instance occurs through Dhumavati – She Consumes Her Husband and therefore the rather annoyed Shiva bestows upon Her the relevant epithet and understanding as the ‘Widow Goddess’; although She is also occurrent at the End of Time proper as the smoke from the world’s cremation-funeral pyre]

And I say that this is an ‘Apocalyptic’ saliency because I mean this also in the archaic Greek sense – an ‘Unveiling’, a ‘Revelation’

For when all else has been destroyed due to its impermanence … that which we are left with is, by definition, Truth.

Beyond Time.

And yet, paradoxically, also emanatorily-expressed therein, indeed as Time Herself.

Jai Mata Di !

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