The Rantsplication Shall Continue – Until The Religiosity Improves

How on EARTH does somebody come to the conclusion that Christianity is somehow ‘more Aryan’ than Hinduism … the literal Arya religion – in fact, the last living Arya religion on the planet.

I do not understand this “Heavily Dravidified” meme that keeps going around. Is the argument that the Gods somehow changed? Is the argument that the ways of worship are completely foreign? Is the argument that we no longer use Vedic hymns, rites, on a regular basis .. ?

Because this should prove most curious an assertion. We can readily identify the same Gods hailed today in the modern age as are sung of in the most archaic Vedic scripture of near four thousand years ago ! We worship in manners that are often – again – directly informed via the Vedic templating. We use the same Mantras, we use the same theological understandings, we even make use of the same ritual elements.

The Hellenic religion of the high Classical age was not exactly the religion of Mycenae. Does this stop the one from being coterminous with the other as its logical development? I do not think so. Does it stop either from being Indo-European? Negative.

Krishna has been spoken of. Interestingly, it should appear that this dragon-subduing deific is, indeed, running on a fundamentally Indo-European archetype .. we have repeatedly looked at this in our work over the past year or so.

And handily, even though it is glossed over by the HKs etc., we also find this Krishna urging the worship of the Sky Father; urging the worship of Devi !

One should also, perhaps, consider the expert analysis of Professor Witzel upon the matter – who observes the strong coterminity of Hinduism and archaic Vedic era elements .. and why people even in academic sphere can overlook same.

Meanwhile, in the course of my own investigative analysis, I have again and again observed that what’s supposedly ‘non-Arya’ in origination … actually has strong coherency with other IE religions to the West.

And is often just ‘overlooked’ by people with insistent typologies

You see this with Shiva elements; you see this with Devi elements; what we wind up with is the realization that the understanding of what actually constitutes archaic Indo-European religion is .. sketchy on the part of people declaring various things to be ‘non-IE’.

And I should emphasize – that’s not aimed at anyone here; people who want there to be strong non-IE saliency to Hinduism because they don’t like IE and its implications are quite guilty of this. Feminist revisionist ‘historiography’ / theology is one eg &”Dravidian Nationalism”

And you know what the real ‘kicker’ is in all of this?

You want to find really archaic Vedic religious understanding and performance … where do you go ? The South. ‘Dravida’ country. The Brahmins down there are famously renowned as including the most conservative and archaic

When anthropologists wanted to analyze the Agnicayana rite – the famously complex and fantastically intricate ritual which, in that form, is referred to as the ‘FireBird’ and finds direct Vedic expression – where did they go ? South India.

Reject False Typologies

Embrace True Arya Tradition !

7 thoughts on “The Rantsplication Shall Continue – Until The Religiosity Improves

  1. It’s good news I guess, that they do this. Sort-of. The bigger a threat to the establishment I think, the harder servants of said establishment try to co-opt a religion. And by all accounts their propaganda worked somewhat, because I had a lot of trouble for many years dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s of it and squaring the Aryan root of P.I.E.


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  3. Sorry you have to go through unnecessary BS with some ppl. My knowledge on Hinduism and PIE religions isn’t as expansive, however, I admire the fact you keep going with your work.

    It’s pretty difficult when you have feminist revisionists and ppl in the history department of academia who want to still live in the late 1800’s with their approaches on Indian/Asian Religions and Ancient European Culture/Religion. The one moment you step out of the white group think, bam! Your a heretic, or you’ve been brainwashed by anti white propaganda.

    No matter what obstacles ppl throw at you, keep speaking the truth! The Pagan/Hindu community in the west/elsewhere in the world needs ppl like you more than ever!

    Keep up the good work! 🙏👍

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  4. Also, I’ve heard of Dravidian Nationalism…
    However, because I’m from the United States of America, what is it exactly?

    Was it created after British Colonialism where the British enforced a skin pigment caste system to make Dravidians resentful towards the lighter completed Indians? Or was it from Islamic rule when they victimized Dravidian people’s? If somebody could give me a clarification without a condescending or arrogant attitude, I’d appreciate it.


    • Dravidian Nationalism is an imaginary construct inspired by an Anglican Bishop and created by radical Marxists in some states of Southern India. Its final aim is to destroy Hinduism as living religion while its proximate aim is to split certain states in Southern India off from the Indian Union in order to weaken it and ripen it for their final goal. Its entirely a Modernist Christian and Marxist project.


    • it is a .. broad construct, I’ll put it that way. Some of it is more ‘curious’ than others.

      Like, on a more ‘reasonable’ end of the spectrum (which does not mean I agree with it), you have the notion of the ‘Dravida’ peoples as having a separate identity, which therefore militates a separate nation and so forth. However, because of course, so much of Hindu elements are Sanskrit in origination – and, of course, the Brahmins themselves – this logically then leads to anti-Brahminical, and effectively, anti-Hindu (broadly speaking) sentiment. They then wind up constructing ‘sanitized’ (i.e. de-Sanskritized, de-Brahminized) forms of the religion which preserve the elements they ‘like’, whilst ignoring the contradictions inherent in this.

      You find good example of this viz. Shiva – clearly Indo-European, demonstrably so via comparative IE theology … and yet in some academic works, insistently referred to otherwise; and because of the strong saliency of Him in South India (which is a great thing, do not get me wrong) – well, these ‘Dravidian Nationalist’ sorts often want to keep the Deific, but decontextualize Him, we may say.

      Now, why i said ‘more reasonable end of the spectrum’, is bceause there is a ‘less reasonable’ end of said spectrum … and that starts heading toward a belief that Dravidians came from ‘Lemuria’ (hence why you often find adherents of these beliefs called ‘Lemures’) and may therefore be even a separate (sub-)species of humanity – Homo Dravidiensis, i think they call it.

      Now, Lemuria … did not exist, at least in the sense they have picked it up. Rather, it was a theory that was promulgated before the development of plate tectonics (which was only really confirmed in the mid-20th century, it ought be remembered) in order to explain why Lemur fossils occurred in both Madagascar and South India. Basically it was proposed that a ‘bridge’ landmass must have existed between South India and Madagascar. And so, of course, the Dravidian Nationalists have seized upon this , declaring it Kumari Kandam , a sunken continent of .. well, the version they have constructed is effectively there to give a pseudo-scientific veneer to an imagined past for the Dravidian Nationalist sphere that they are seeking to return to.

      There *are* myths of sunken continents of great power and virtue – of course there are; but what has been produced here is … a bit different, to say the least.

      Precisely because it becomes a land free of Aryas, Brahmins, Sanskrit, etc. etc.


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