Masik ShivRatri – First of 2022

Tonight is Masik Shivratri [‘Monthly Night of Shiva’]

On MahaShivRatri [‘Great Night of Shiva’], we celebrate the glorious and blessed Reunification of Lord Shiva and His Wife, Devi Parvati.

And while much attention deservedly goes toward MahaShivRatri, there are also 11 other ShivRatris throughout the year – one for each lunar month, observed on the 14th [Chaturdashi – so, like ‘Quatro’ or ‘Quad’, for ‘Four’, plus a sound akin to ‘Dix’ or ‘Decem’ for ‘Ten’] of the Dark Fortnight [Krishna Paksha] of that month.

On each of these occasions, it is customary to carry out an array of Shaivite devotional activities. These can include the obvious elements – the libations of Water and Milk upon a Shivling [‘Shaivite Altar-stone’], for instance; yet can also incorporate late-night vigils in which we sit around by the firelight and hear tales of the God of Gods, Lord Shiva and His Myths.

Of course, for me .. that is every night 😛

But this year, we are attempting to help other people to do so likewise, all around the world, in pursuit of a particular ‘mythic resonancy’ or ‘eternal’ emanation.

ॐ नमः शिवाय

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