The Hanuman Of My Home Shrine

It is Tuesday – Hanuman’s Day. And therefore …

This is the Hanuman of my Household Shrine. And as you’ll immediately note, it’s a bit of a different style to the other deific representations. Both because of its style, as well as its form.

For you see – it is a Balinese shadow-puppet. One that has been in our household for .. well .. longer than I’ve been alive. Brought from Bali by my parents quite some time ago.

Various previous pictures of my main home-shrine have showcased the beautiful Durga Murti that my older sister gave to me, and the excellent Nataraja Murti that my younger sister provided.

Now, for six and a half years Lord Hanuman has been strongly important for my regular practice – and yet, for a long time I did not have a Bajrangi Murti in my home-shrine.

This had not mattered so much when I was still able to be at Mandir twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays – for Hanuman & Devi respectively) … but since moving to the utilization of the household shrine instead – well, it became a necessity to do something about.

While this is probably not a permanent solution (as I’m rather concerned about close proximity to various of the things involved in a customary puja for this quite venerable and delicate figure), it still feels rather warmly appropriate in some ways – the Hanuman that has been here the whole time, even decades before we knew Who Hanuman Is … becoming an active part of the contemporary devotions that we are carrying out here and now in His (And Rama’s) Name.

Bajrang Bali Ki Jaye !

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