Brief lines from the Rahu Stotra

Since it is Shaani’s Hora [Saturn’s Hour] on a Monday [Moon’s Day – Lord Shiva’s Day] – and something Lunar resonant has been reminded of … it seemed appropriate to post this.

Rahur dhanavamanthri cha simhika chitha nandana,
Ardha kaya, sada krodhi, chandradhithya vimardhana

Rahu, Vizier of Danavas and Delighter of Simhika [His Mother]
Half-Bodied, Ever Wrathful, Moon and Sun Trampling / Eclipsing

Roudhro rudhra priyo daithya swar bhanur, bhanur bheethidha,
Graha raja sudhapayee rakadhithyabhilashtaka

Terrifying, Devotee of Rudra, Daitya, Svarbhanu [‘Censurer of the Sun’], Radiance Imperiler
Lord of Influencers [‘Grahas’], Who Received Amrit, Moon and Sun Desirer

These are the first two verses of the Rahu Stotra from the Skanda Purana – which I felt like taking a shot at translating. I may return to this, as well as provide additional annotation in future.

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