Telling Your Problem The (Siddhi-Shifting) Size Of Your God – Bajrang Bali Ki Jaye !

It has been said that faith is not telling a God the size of your problems – but, rather, telling your problems the size of the God.

Apt wisdom for a Tuesday. Where we honour Hanuman, depicted in the photograph. And before somebody asks – no, no that is not He there on the right in monkey form bowing …

Rather, if we look to the left … this is a very, very large murti of Lord Hanuman – Whose Day it is today. I think it is the one located in Jakhu, Simla which stands 108 feet tall (approximately 33 meters).

Now, that proverb is of especial relevancy as applies Hanuman – for Hanuman had been blessed with an array of Siddhis [‘Powers’, ‘Boons’] including the ability to transform His size.

This, He utilized at several points in the Ramayana – including when confronting the sea-serpent Surasa. And that is of interest to us because this encounter was not one which could be overcome with mere physical strength – but required wisdom, and innovative thinking … as well as a certain sense of principle.

Surasa blocks Bajrangi’s way and proclaims that He may only pass through to Lanka, His destination, by passing through Surasa’s mouth. That is to say – by letting Himself be eaten.

Hanuman assents to this, and utilizes His Siddhi to turn himself truly massive – the size of a mountain and thence beyond. This leads to Surasa having to open the jaws incredibly wide so as to be able to fit the now immense Hanuman … and Hanuman quickly transforming Himself to a tiny size that would be little bigger than certain insects. This enables Him to quickly fly into Surasa’s mouth and then back out again before the jaws of Surasa can close upon Him.

Thus, He fulfils His promise to Surasa … and also avoids being devoured.

It was a problem that seemed intractable – and which could not be solved via the simple application of brute force, for Surasa has actually been placed in His path via Divine decree and is in any case, quite a powerful figure herself.

Instead, ‘the only way out’ was quite literally – “through”. And doing so in a manner that at once comported with duty-bound obligation (the keeping of the promise, and obeyance of custom) … but also with the utilization of the tools and faculties which He had available to Him in an unexpected manner. Indeed, in the full range of possible utilizations – both growing immensely large and immensely small, and combining these approaches as part of the effort.

So – as applies the God in question, it would seem that “no problem too big” is certainly an apt summation. Although in a literal sense, “no problem too small” may also be countenanced. And in both cases – no problem too intractable for the wise application of potency, nor too complex for the sagacity of such wisdom.

An example which serves to stand for us all, in multiple senses of those latter few words.

Bajrang Bali Ki Jaye !

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