Arya Akasha 5th Anniversary – And Glorious Agni Art !

The 6th of April marks the Anniversary of Arya Akasha – both of the Research Institute’s founding proper, in 2016, as well as our successfully taking things ‘public’ upon this date three years afore.

With that in mind – here’s some excellent art of Lord Agni, the Vedic Priest of the Gods, and God of Priests. Hailed as Illuminator and Hallower – the direct pathway via which we over here in the Hindu sphere of Indo-European religion often make offerings, and the key portal via which we ritually interact with the Gods.

To us, Fire represents many things. It is an expression of Piety and Purity. It is Will and Wisdom. An agent of Communion with the Divine. A revealer of knowledge (see what I said about poetic-literal “Illumination”?), a force which purifies, and a means to unlock energy from the material – as well as being the energy itself.

Fire is also a weapon. And, indeed, this is why Lord Agni is depicted with Two Heads – one as the warming and guiding/illuminating role of Flame, as aforementioned – Jataveda [the Sparks of Insight]; the other, the Destroyer – Kravyada – , devours and consumes both our enemies, and when it burns too hot, anything and everything itself [although it is important also to note that Kravyada’s function is to enable the ‘moving on’ to the next stage via the burning away of material encumbrances upon us like our corpse – whether this is done in a Smashana (cremation ground) … or upon a longship sent floating out to sea – or, indeed, the ‘Wolf’ (‘Kravya’) associations also occurrent in relation to Flame in both Vedic & Eddic funerary conceptry #NAS].

In either case, Fire is fundamentally Inspiring, indeed Animating!

Emblematic of the Sky Father – and Sent, Bestowed, and Empowered by the Mother Goddess.

And in these times, as you may have heard me say in interviews, it is better to light a flamethrower than to merely curse the darkness. Or, if you prefer – curse the darkness with a flame! [It should be clarified here that by ‘darkness’ in the preceding two sentences, I of course mean the malefic, a’suric darkness … not the glorious, holy night of Kaal, Ratri !]

I have chosen to share this frankly glorious image of Agni-Deva [‘Deva’, also in its PIE predicates, being an excellently appropriate term – referring to the notion of radiance, celestial brightness], upon our Anniversary, for clear reasons.

What we are doing, here at Arya Akasha – is we are bringing Illumination. We are casting light upon the ancient, the valid, the true – the connections between the Indo-European cultures, peoples, languages, and religious mythologies that have lain either unexamined or lamentably unknown to many people, for far too long now.

We consider this to be a Holy Mission.

And therefore, with that in mind, it seems highly, heavily appropriate for Lord Agni to be exalted here – upon this, our Victory Day. [‘Jayanti’]



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