Sons Of The Sky Father – A Typological Preliminary [ Arya Akasha Arka ]

In the Heavens as it is upon Earth, Family is at the heart of everything. And, given the centrality of the Divine Family to the Indo-European mythology – an Arka [‘essence’, ‘distillation’] post of this nature seemed a decent way to demonstrate the coterminities of a number of the salient figures involved.

Now I stress that this is both preliminary and incomplete – I do not mean any disrespect to Deities nor Devotees with some of the omissions from the diagram; and am working upon a more comprehensive ‘Family Tree’ style chart which should draw together (as well as placing within mythic context) a number of Siblings of these Sons, as well as Their Mother(s), and of course the particular relevant Masques of the Sky Father involved in Each’s conception.

But we had to start somewhere … and not least because the above schematic currently has extreme difficulty existing outside of three (or more) dimensions in its draft form(s) – this rather simple diagram seemed an acceptable initiation of the foundation.

Although speaking of ‘foundations’ – much of this chart is in fact but briefly summarizing various of my previous (A)Arti-cles.

The ‘Progenitor Twins’ typology can be found in my ongoing SONS OF THE SUN series (which also utilizes our comparative approach to identify various potentially politically minded .. discrepancies in the Roman renditions of the myth); although I have made one slight adjustment – rendering the name of the Dead/Ancestral Shade Twin as ‘Echo’ rather than the more directly accurate ‘Image'(‘Death’), as ‘Echo’ seemed the better way to convey the connotation. I have also provisionally incorporated Deucalion as a Greek expression of the Man(n)u(s) Twin, for reasons I may detail in a future piece; although it should be noted that there are quite an array of potential Greek mythic figures Who may bear suspiciously similar names to the eponymous First Man(n)(u)(s) and occupy similar local-mythological roles – more upon that some other time.

The Horse Twins / Helping Hero Twins / Sons of the Bright Sky can be found in the unsurprisingly named ON THE HORSE TWINS series – although I have not managed to write the planned third installment looking at the Greek Dioscuri as yet.

The Star-Mothered Charger/Skewerer typology is looked at in, inter alia, ‘Skanda , Heimdall , Kumara – The Star-Borne Son Of The Sky Father’. The Star-Mothers in question referring to the Pleiades (the Krittikas) – although in the case of Heimdallr, this is somewhat speculative.

The Striker/Thunderer typology, I have not – that I can recall – directly addressed in a single piece or series; although the ‘Subtype’ mentioned upon the chart can be found in ‘Perseus , Krishna , Karna – Three Perspectives Upon The Origin Myth Of The Indo-European Striker/Thunderer’, and I have produced various further works which touch upon the situation of Lord Hanuman being a Striker/Thunderer expression.

Now as I have said – this chart is NOT by any means complete. Even leaving aside those areas wherein further research must be undertaken in order to properly identify a cognate … or, for that matter, those areas wherein this may prove sadly improbable due to the relevant myths of a given IE people simply not having come down to us to preserve their iteration of the figure(s) in question –

there are several other seriously salient Sons (and at least two Daughters) Who could have been included, as we are reasonably confident that They also represent fundamental and archaic Indo-European typologies as well.

But for now, I suspect, this is enough.

And not least because while it does not (and probably, cannot) adequately encapsulate all the Sons of the Sky Father – through the typological analysis of various of the more immediately mythically prominent Sons of He … we can use these as a constellation of evidence to help us to identify the Sky Father deific in each of the relevant Indo-European descendent culture mythologies.

Particularly when this approach is brought to bear amidst the rather significant weight of evidentiary materials addeuced from other approaches in the course of our earlier work upon that series of subjects.

Phrased another way – if you know Who Thor’s Father is, and you know Who Herakles’ Father is, and you know Who Indra’s Father is … and there’s a directly coterminous pattern for the Paternal status of the Horse Twins, etc. …

Well, it would appear that the familial linkages and relationships in question have provided quite the anchor for one’s means for viewing the (Indo-European, mythic) World.

As it should be!

Hail to the Divine Family ! The Sky Father & His Sons !

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