A Really Brief Synopsis Of Various Odin – Shiva – Dyaus Pitar Comparanda

I try to make a point of responding to questions, queries, and criticisms in relation to my work. Sometimes these are … peculiar.

For example, earlier this morning, somebody commented on a post of our MahaShivRatri tribute piece that “Odin is a wind God, not a sky god. He has no relation to Shiva.” …

So here’s a really really brief run-through of various points of coterminity between Odin and Rudra Shiva. Not everything is here … and what is here is seriously succinct and lacking in my customary depth of analysis (for which you can check out my full-length articles). But I figured that it might be of use for a broader audience even so.

Response begins:

I am not sure where you want me to start with that one. Odin is quite clearly the Nordic expression of the Sky Father deific. And is very strongly cognate to Shiva.

Where would you like me to begin ? The Fathering of the Striker/Thunderer deific ? [Thor / Indra / Herakles / Hanuman etc.] ? The relationship with the Earth Mother / Mountain Queen deific ? [Parvati / Prithvi / Frigg / Jord etc.] The Fathering via the Multiple Mothers of the Charter/Skewerer defic [Kumara / Skanda / Heimdallr] ? The paternal linkage to the Horse Twins [the Asvins / Dioscuri / Hengist & Horsa] ? [Accompanied by Two Wolves, also]

Or , perhaps some of the mythic and ritual roles are more useful – like the bringing of the empowering elixir [Soma / Mead of Poetry] in Raptor form ; the going in disguise to test the Sacred Hospitality [c.f for instance the Grimnismal , or Shiva as AdiVratya ; or Zeus doing exactly this .. ] ; and, related to this, the presiding over the Furor quality [‘Odr’ / ‘Ugra’ / ‘Manyu’ / ‘Menos’] which pertains to both battle rage [Furor Teutonicus] but also poetic inspiration [Furor Poeticus] – and with these being also under domain of His Consort [Freyja / Vak] … hence why He is the Lord of the empowered speech/song [Brihaspati / Galdrafodr] … a regular Shake Spear [well, Spear Wielder, Spear God, anyway – and yes, there are quite an array of both Old Norse and Sanskrit theonymics for this] [And let us not forget ShivLings & IrminSuls]

Or the situation with regard to the Glorious/Ancestral Dead , in upper regions [Valhalla / Valskjalf / Varuna’s situation in Pitrloka] and with said Glorious / Ancestral Dead providing a Retinue [the Einherjar – Odin’s ‘Household’; Shiva’s (Bhuta)Gana] ;

Or, for that matter, the All-Seeing Solar Eye [the Golden Throne of Hlidskjalf / the Sun Eye of Dyaus / the Sun Eye of Shiva / the Sun Eye of Zeus]

Or perhaps you would prefer something more ‘Atmospheric’ – like the Odinic theonyms of Thundr (Thunderer) and Vidrir (Stormer); and various understandings of the theonym of Hrjodr [which, funnily enough, may actually be a Solar theonym likewise].

All up, I am not sure why you would presume that a Wind association is mutually exclusive with a Sky one. After all – there tends to be quite a lot of wind in the Sky ; hence why we find mention of, say , Vata in Sanskrit in relation to the upper atmosphere but also to mean Wind .

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