Operation Jarjara – The Worship Of Indra Amidst The Modern Age

For the past few weeks, we have been working on something a bit special. We call it Operation Jarjara – an exploration-and-exposition series focused upon the revelation of the modern Indo-European worship of Lord Indra.

Now note that I said “revelation” – not “restoration”. For despite what you may have heard, the Hindu religion never really discarded Indra. There is less emphasis, sure, in comparison to the height of the Vedic Age – but even today, Indra is still hailed; and has a vitally integral role in various ritual and mythic understandings drawn from right across the (modern) Hindusphere.

In short: “Don’t Call It A Comeback – He’s Been Here For Years”.

Except while some would be content to merely talk about these matters, as if briefly name-checking a few festivals and temples were enough … We are looking to go Deepa. Our goal is not simply to counter the misperception that Indra-veneration is a thing (only) of the Past – but to actively support the (re-)spreading saliency of Indra amidst the Present and the Future as well.

In order to do this, we intend to make available key elements and understandings gleaned from our research; soundly sourced materials that shall Strengthen The Shout of prayerful exultation in His Cause. And provide accessible mechanisms via which not only Hindus, but also the broader Indo-European religious family, may seek to move closer to and to support He.

For after all – as the Vedas Themselves put it –

We are Heer to :

इंद्रं वर्धंतो अप्तुरः कृण्वंतो विश्वमार्यं ।
अपघ्नंतो अराव्णः ॥

One thought on “Operation Jarjara – The Worship Of Indra Amidst The Modern Age

  1. i recall sitting in on a Lakshmi Puja during Diwali. Not only was Lord Indra propitiated, but even His Maruts, along with many other Rg Vedic deities. While the Slayer of Vritra may not be as popular among the laity, His worship is faithfully carried on by the Brahmanical Tradition.


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