Brief Preview From Upcoming Work, On Saliency Of Slavic Mythology For Indo-European Understanding

Figured I’d post a brief excerpt from the book I’m working on :

“Foreword: Despite the title, this section should not be taken as the Slavic chapter of this book. But rather, as the utilization of a Masque of the Sky Father prominently (if fragmentarily) featured in Slavic mythology to open up a series of vitally important windows through which the rest of the Indo-European sphere’s beliefs may more accurately be viewed. In this, I have to say, it is something of a microcosm for the saliency of the Slavic mythology all up – carefully considered, of course.


The Slavic Indo-European mythology is both fascinating and frustrating – insofar as it is quite evident from even a cursory glimpse of its authentic mysteries that it had preserved key and integral elements of the Proto-Indo-European belief; yet the major vectors via which this has come down to us are punished via a patina of questionable sources and even more questionable modern adulterations in pursuit of various agendas. All of this means that it would be easy to simply overlook the Slavic mythology and press on as if it were not really a major nor an integral thing – and while this is definitely something we’ve observed in various corners (who choose to focus more upon the better-known, better-attested, and seemingly more ‘reliable’ Greek, Vedic, Nordic, etc.), I am of the opinion that this would be a hefty mistake!

Even leaving aside that the Slavs, too, are fellow Indo-Europeans and have every right to a ‘seat at the table’ when it comes to the mythic analysis and reconstruction of the ancestral beliefs of all of our forebears … what HAS come down to us from their own archaic mythologies makes for fascinating conceptry – that is often reasonably directly cognate with various Vedic (or later Hindu) elements, and presented in such a manner as to make for intriguing ‘bridging’ with the Germanic, Greek, and other more prominent Western / European spheres that many of us shall no doubt be more familiar with. This is understandable, given the geographic position of the Slavosphere running right from historic Central Asia to the borders of Western Europe, and the obvious ‘convection-zone’ of influences (or even outright, wholesale incorporations) between the historic Slavs with both the Germanosphere and the Hellenic world as well as the other Satem-speaking Indo-European peoples to the East such as the Scythians etc. and even the more sedentary Indo-Iranians as well.

The Slavic suite of mythic conceptry, therefore, is of potentially key relevancy to our work and a meaningful re-communication of the Indo-European fundaments of belief. Difficult though it can occasionally be to engage with for various reasons both aforementioned and to-be-mentioned shortly.”

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