An Odinic Post On An Odinic Post – A ShivLing

It is Wednesday – Therefore Odinic Art Posting

And I mean that quite literally! For you see, in addition to the obvious co-identification of Odin with Shiva that we have capaciously illustrated elsewhere … the ShivLing is strongly coterminous with the Irminsul.

This is, therefore, an Odinic Post about an Odinic Post.

Now, in terms of how we know this – apart from the fact that both the ShivLing and Irminsul are dedicated to the same God, They are also made use of in much the same way.

Both are, in effect, expressions of the same Axis Mundi that stands at the heart of the Indo-European world; thence resonate with Yggdrasil, the World Mountain, the Sthambha (Sacrificial Post) – and are utilized in worship via the pouring of libations thereupon in order to continually nourish and repair the immanency of Rta / Orlog [Cosmic Order] within our world.

The ShivLing [which, per our ritual manuals, may also be in the form of a Tree], we pour milk and other, related preparations [such as Panchamrit – which adds honey, and other ingredients] upon.

The World-Tree Proper, meanwhile, we find mention in the Gylfaginning of similar libations comprised of the White Water of Urdarbrunnr being poured across the loka-l limb of Yggdrasil.

Interestingly, given the prominent use of honey in some of our Hindu milky libations upon the ShivLing, the next line of the Gylfaginning also mentions “honey-dew” falling from the Ash Tree; something that is also known via the curious Greek ‘double-meanings’ for the Ash Tree – as ‘Meliai’ (not at all coincidentally a term that informs words linked to ‘Spear’), but also producing ‘Meli’ (Ancient Greek for Honey), and the Meliai (singular – ‘Melia’), the Ash-Nymphs that look after the infant Zeus and feed Him Honey (Meli again) and the Milk of Amalthea.

Clearly, the notion of offering Milk and Honey to the Great God, the Indo-European Sky Father, is an incredibly ancient one. And rooted (pun not initially intended) in these archaic understandings of His strong linkage to the Axis Mundi (indeed, in Hindu terms there is quite a direct statement of this identification; we could arguably also see an implicit one in the Greek Dionysus – Nysian (‘Tree’) Zeus; although it should ALSO be noted that there is a consistent pattern of the Axis Mundi being identified with the Sky Father’s Wife – and this is not at all contradictory, more upon that at some other time, perhaps).

We support the Sky Father in order to support and uphold the immanency of Cosmic Order in our Universe (hence why the Roots of Yggdrasil are under attack by demonic dragons of chaos); and therefore we support the Post, the World Pillar in miniature, via our offerings of the nourishing liquids of milk and honey thereupon.

So therefore – say it with me !

Hail to Those Who Look After The Tree !
Hail to the Tree !
Hail to Rta Orlog !

Hail Odin !
Hail Zeus !
ॐ नमः शिवाय

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