On The ‘Culture-Jamming’ Suppression Of Heritage Through Spurious Association-Allegations And Other Subversive Intents

Over the years, I have made an observational study of “culture-jamming”. It’s a remarkably effective strategy – whereby, if you are seeking to destroy something … a concept, a culture, a way of viewing the world … you don’t just go around directly suppressing things.

After all – the Streisand Effect being a thing, this may in the short to medium term, actually only increase the saliency and re-broadcasting of whatever it is that you are trying to eliminate.

Even if it might have long-term viability, the fact that, say, we can still tell you a fair bit about Akhenaten, or some Roman figures subjected to Damnatio Memoriae, really does kinda show that there are some pervasive limits to how worthwhile an effort it is.

However, if you do something else … if you subvert things, if you shift and you alter their meanings … so that they mean something else, something different to what was intended and which in all probability people will not want to take up and internalize [in this instance, Nazi signifers; or, in ancient Iran, terming The Gods to be “Demons”] – then you don’t have to suppress it.

For the “thing” has become, in effect, “self-suppressing”.

Both in terms of the actual meaning Forgotten; but also in terms of even the exoteric signifer becoming a pariah.

Now, the Rune in question that was under discussion, Othala, is a rune that means “Homeland”, that means “Heritage”, that means “Ours”.

And yes, yes it was indeed utilized as the basis for the unit-insignia of at least two Axis formations during the course of the Second World War (both SS Volunteer divisions recruited from populations outside Germany – in Eastern Europe/Croatia and the Netherlands, respectively).

But that is just the thing.

This is a microcosm for the course of much of (early) 21st century politics thus far.

“Nationalism”, interest and respect in one’s heritage, is all too often insistently reduced down to “Naziism” by its opponents.

And, to be sure, it is also all too often subjected to attempted hijackings by actual Nazis, or other distasteful political tendencies who often seem to have previous little actual appreciation nor respect for the source-elements, the original cultures in question. Except for er .. signalling purposes.

So – in a very real and in a very symbolic sense – “they see Othala … they think Nazi” – is where we are at today.

Although it has often been my view that for any given ridicularity – there is also an equal and an opposite ridicularity. So we additionally see ‘co-option’ coming from the other direction: various of the sort of people who are absolutely shrill about “Nazis” both real and imagined, who seem to have about the same level of active regard for the heritage they seek to daub themselves in the colouration of, and about the same level of unbridled enthusiasm for the co-option of the outward signifers of that heritage to garb whatever modern cause celebre they may so happen to be pushing of that particular week.

It is time to let the Heritage, the religions, the values, speak for themselves – untrammelled by the petty ‘politik’ biases of men. Not so much to ‘claim’ our heritage – as to be claimed by it. Both to carry it forth as our torch – and to be lead by it through the darkness. The Flame That – Protected, Protects.

Time to push back.

In all directions.

And therefore – to push forward.

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