On The Inspiration Of The Balochistan Hindus To The Modern Indo-European Devotee

We occasionally may feel that it is a bit difficult being of an Indo-European religion amidst the 21st century. In most of the world, we are minorities – and with the major exception of Hinduism, the faith(s) of our forefathers are near-extinct even despite some salient efforts at resurrective, revitalizing revanchism.

Yet spare a thought for these Devotees – they are Pakistani Hindus in Balochistan. Not only are they a minority in their own land – but they are under fairly active threat for being so. And even in spite of this, they have survived – they have put in the effort to keep their ancestral flame burning brightly, burning well. It brings a tear to the eye.

Further, the photo is from a portion of the annual Hinglaj Yatra – where the Devotees shall march for days across an unearthly grey desert to reach the Hinglaj Mata Shakti Peetha site in pilgrimage; stopping at this site, the Chandragup [‘Moon-Well’] mud-volcano in order to ask Lord Shiva for His permission to approach the Goddess Shrine.

So, the next time it might seem a bit hard to live properly, live piously, live well for us – it is worth remembering that these Balochi Hindus have managed to do so, despite incredibly hostile local conditions (and I am not speaking about the desert); and endure incredible hardships (this time, including the desert) in order to carry out the proper and ancient fundaments of their ancestral Indo-European Faith.

Why can’t you?

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