Arya Akasha Arka – Lighting The Flamethrower of Faith

“तवमग्ने रुद्रो असुरो महो दिवः “
“You, O Agni, are Rudra – The Mighty Heavenly Sire [Dyaus Pitar]”

  • RigVeda II 1 6

“We are judged in life for the evil we destroy. It is a bleak truth, that there is nothing but blood awaiting us in the gaps between the worlds. But ISHVARA sees all that transpires in His Domain.

And we are judged equally for the Illumination we bring to the blackest nights. We are judged in life for those moments we spill light into the darkest reaches of His Samrajya.

Your world taught me this. Your world, and the war that brought me here.” #NAS

So get them Sacred Fires illuminating. Whether they are the small Diya lamps consuming ghee that dot the darkened night like Stars upon this Earth of ours … or whether it is the much larger Havans and Hearth-Fires of the more formalized Indo-European religious rites … or, indeed, whether it is the अर्क (‘Arka’) which illuminates, electrifies, shines and radiates through religious speech and pious words of devotion.

Which, as you may have noticed, is exactly what we do here with our work through Arya Akasha.

For, as a great man once said : “Sometimes it’s better to light a flamethrower than [merely] curse the darkness.”

We believe in doing both – Curse The (Chaotic) Darkness With A Flame.

Fire and Furor. Arya Akasha Arka.

Jai Ishvara !

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