Theology – The Indo-European Queen of the Sciences

“The Queen of the Sciences – Theology”

  • Ernst Junger,

Junger, writing in March of 1944, amidst the soon-to-be detritus of Nazi Germany, correctly identified that the necessary precondition for much of the unremitting horror of that part of the 20th century, had been the morally rudderless and (de)ontologically groundless, baseless, condition of materialism, scientism, which had displaced the prior fundamental grund-norms of what is called Civilization.

His solution to this, was both radical and prescient – especially of the later developments in quantum physics that have spanned out over the past few decades.

Namely, he called for the restoration of Theology to its righteous place as “Queen of the Sciences”.

It is something which many would angrily deride as a concept, today … but the fundamental point, also, which he makes in the next paragraphs of his diary following this most visionary statement, is that it is by necessity and by desire a both rather than either paradigm.

Both science. AND Theology.

For either, out of balance, can be just as deadly – twice as deadly, in point of artificial fact – as either entwained.

This is also, now that I think upon it, an intriguing yet subtle Indo-Europeanism: for if we look at the etymology of the word ‘Queen” , it is no coincidence at all that in so many of our languages, the “Queen” term, or its localized equivalent, is seriously close to the terms for “Clan”, for “Tribe”, for “Gene”, for “Family”, for “Generation”. A most eloquent example of which is provided via the Sanskrit terms – Jani, Gna, and the like. Gna is a particular favourite of mine, as it can also mean Speech or Song, as well as referring through this to a Goddess, such as Vac – the Creator of the World through such means. These link up very closely with “Jana”, with “Gana” – terms meaning “Nation”, “Tribe”; for just as we call a King “Sire” – the Pati, the Patri-arch, the Father of the Nation – so too, is a Queen its righteous and rightful Mother. For a further discussion of this phenomenon, consult my dual ‘Bharat Mata and the Indo-European Deific of National Identity’, and ‘GHOST DIVISION: On The BhutaGana of Mahadev & The Einherjar of Odin’ pieces.

The reason why I say it is a most appropriate underpinning ‘essence’ to Junger’s phrasing, is because if we look back through the annals of Science, we discover that, invariably, it has its roots in Theology. It has ben born from Theology, often via the intermediary carrier of Philosophy, and rather frequently with the Father or Midwife of War and Politics.

If it should seem like Science has lost its way – as it most assuredly did, to Junger, during those dark days of the mid-1940s … or, more poignantly for us here in the aching twilight of the Modern Age, that we have lost our way when the terrain seems only to be lit by , or worse, only to be comprised of mere ‘science’ and ‘scientism’ – then what is needed, most of all, is the Return to the Source which Junger’s quote axiomatically implies and entails.

Respect for one’s Parents – one’s Mother, in particular – is amidst, if not the highest acts of Hindu piety.


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