Divinity *May* Be Democracy – But Only For Non-Greeks

We tend to make significant use of three main Indo-European mythoreligious complexes in our work here at Arya Akasha: the Hindu, Nordic/Germanic, and Classical [Greco-Roman].

Of these, it has occurred to me with some interest that the only pantheonic setup wherein there actually *does* seem to be a semi-absolute monarchy in operation …

… is also the one that literally gave us “Democracy” (and its later semi-cousins of the Res-Publica, Senate, and suchlike; which, to be fair and sure, should in all instances be regarded as a bit of a different beast to the modern institutions that bear similar names – these were not exercises in mass-enfranchisement, after all)

Funny, that. Almost puts one in the mind of the quip of St John of Kronstadt – “Heaven is a Monarchy – Hell is a Democracy”.

Although caution should be exercised in suggesting that the Greek experience of popular-responsive government might have lead them down such a path .. in the exact opposite direction from same in their conceptualization of the ‘idealized state’ of the Heavens.

After all, the Classical sphere is also the only one of the three significantly impacted by the phenomenon we have taken to terming “Mess-O-Potamia” – the ‘confusion’ relative to other Indo-European mythologies resultant from the long-term ‘syncreticism’ which took place between the Classical world and various Near Eastern cultures and civilizations.

I intend to take a more comprehensive look at the Governance of Gods in an upcoming series, so I shall keep more of my thoughts on this unpublished for the moment. Suffice to say that Power Amongst The Powers is quite the complex thing – with ample scope for everything from temporarily empowered dictators charged with meeting a specific crisis scenario [in the manner of the old Roman dictators], through to consultative, deliberative assemblies, and intriguing checks and balances.

Which may, to be sure, rather pointedly include “Your Wife Is Annoyed With That” – a sanction that is rather more dire than it perhaps sounds, considering the nature of the Goddess(es) in question. And the ever-popular “Come Over Here And Say That” – a parliamentary maxim still of some broader saliency in the modern age.

All of which takes place under the all-seeing rubric and gaze of the outside-universe Cosmic Order. Which may also manifest/emanate *into* universe for the purpose of cracking skulls in cases of significant, severe breach.

And from the sanction of which, even Gods cannot easily hide.

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