Neb(h) – Neptune – Sky As Sea Unending

Proto-Indo-European Neb(h) – Moist/Cloudy

This gives us “Nebula”, “Nabhas”, “Nebel”, “Nifl”
Terms for Clouds, Mists, Waters-Of-The-Skies
And “Njola” – ‘Night/Darkness’ in Old Norse.

It may also underlie “Neptune” – although
many argue that “Nepots” [‘Descendant –
like Nephew or Nepotism] is more accurate.

I suspect that it may be both: Neb & Nepots
For Neptune/Poseidon, Ouranos, Varuna –
These are all forms of the Sky Father.

And we know that for the early Indo-Europeans
The Sea Is Also Sky, The Sky Is Also Sea
This understanding being retained
In various Vedic Hymnals –
Varuna is Sovereign of the Sea
And yet is in the Sky, near Celestial Waters

“Neptune” therefore, is Lord of Heavenly Waters
The Sky Father, myth-remembered, to Lord of Sea.
And “Nepots”, as Water “Descends” from the Sky
As Rains into Rivers, and Rivers into the Sea

2 thoughts on “Neb(h) – Neptune – Sky As Sea Unending

  1. “The Sea Is Also Sky, The Sky Is Also Sea”

    This reminded me of Mantra pushpa.

    I used to hear this in almost all pujas performed in temples. Never knew it originates from Rig Veda until a few months ago.


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