To Ride The Steppe Of Stars

So one of the more … unexpected-yet-then-falls-into-place concepts I’ve come up with in the course of my writing, is the “Steppe of Stars”;

Literally up there with the “Sea of Stars”/”Seas of the Sun” ‘Space Is An Ocean’ typology – which also has a perhaps surprising Indo-European precedency, and which forms a patina far closer to the ‘surface’ of how we think about Space in the modern age. After all, we have SpaceShips under a Captain, Astro-Nauts (or Cosmo-Nauts, for the gentlemen on the left) – literal Sailors, in the Naut-ical nomenclaturial manner.

Yet for whatever reason, the notion of the vast and all-encompassing, near-infinitely expansive Steppe as our viewpoint for the conceptry of “Space” has never quite taken off in anything like the same way.

And then an associate points out a painting like this [“Soyuz-Apollo” by Lubsan Dorzhiev, USSR, 1976], and it becomes rather rapidly evident that actually, somebody out there has already grasped this, on a subconscious level.

And the notion of Indo-European #GangSteppe Astro-Mannerbund galloping across the limitless expanse above the clouds … well … I never claimed that typology to be my own invention. Simply something I’d ‘recollected’ via my own wanderings through the mythic spheres; even if they themselves occasionally only quite dimly recalled it.

But that is the nature of Myth, isn’t it. It doesn’t really matter in some ways what the minds of contemporary men may harbour via direct lines of descending from the days and tales of yore.

It makes itself felt almost regardless of that. Because it’s something which Endures, Above Us, in this case in multiple senses of the phrase.

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