Hanuman, of the Rudras


Something interesting which I happened across earlier this morning, and eminently appropriate for a Tuesday, is the identity of a particular Rudra amidst the RudraGana in several attestations.

The Rudras (plural) are emanations, descendants, forms, and especially favoured followers of Rudra – all of which is entailed in the term “Gana” [for more detail upon which, consult the relevant section in GHOST DIVISION] .

Now, there are many lists presented for the particular Eleven said to form the prime cadre-clade of the Rudras; and at some point I may devote more energy to explicating some of the symbolism going on in several of these – and several identities in particular amidst Them.

Yet one name stood out, today – Vrsakapi.

To be sure, there are at least two ways in which such a name can be interpreted. One, we have already partially explicated in the course of previous works upon NandiJi – a bull-figure. [There are additional more figurative connotations for the name, pertaining to radiant energy, but more upon those, again, some other time]

The other, is familiar, not least from a RigVedic context – the Ape(man). In said Vedic hymnal, this theonym is used to refer to, in effect, an alternate form or facing of Lord Indra. And is something which we can once again ‘triangulate’ via the iconographic and other close coterminities between Indra & Hanuman – Bajrang Bali [note ‘Bajrang’ and ‘Vajra’ as closely related terms, also] – to show how it works in practice.

Thor, too, is in on the action – not only via those aforementioned iconographic and functional coterminities, but via the hiding-in-plain-sight identification of Thor via the curious kenning of an “Ape” in particular strains of Old Nordic verse.

Hanuman, as is well known, is the ‘essence-ial’ Son of Shiva/Vayu-Vata. And, for that matter, is customarily regarded as an Avatar of Lord Shiva. [Alongside this , Indra is Son of Dyaus Pitar, and Thor is, obviously, Odinson].

It is both delightful and heartening, therefore, to see this customary perception confirmed via references to Vrsakapi in several Lists of the Luminaries of the RudraGana !

Bajrang Bali Ki Jaye !

One thought on “Hanuman, of the Rudras

  1. I have recently found that Kesari, the father of Hanuman, is connected to the GHOST DIVISION. His name means Long Haired which is an attribute of the Kesin (the names are cognate) who are the disciples of Rudra. RV 10,136 says that the Kesin drink from the poisoned cup of Rudra and go where the wind (Vayu) takes them. Kesari was a devotee of Shiva who begat Hanuman with the help of Vayu who carried Rudra’s essence to Anjana’s womb. Also, Kesari’s father is Brihaspati- The Lord of Hosts. Coincidence???


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