Khan’s Maryannu Invocation

For context, this man is a prominent geneticist frequently commenting on matters pertaining to our field. The 'Maryannu' he references here are a rather intriguing group spoken of in the ancient Near East, that appear to have constituted chariot-borne warriors. Indo-European chariot-borne warriors, based around the speculated etymological link of "Maryannu" to Sanskrit मर्य ['Marya'] … Continue reading Khan’s Maryannu Invocation

A Brief Thought On What The Recent Rounds Of DNA Testing Indicate

A thought about all these DNA/ancestry tests that've been popular for awhile now. Now, it's tempting to just write the whole thing off as being a faddish portal to popular-genetics in a manner that's almost as fast-and-loose as Astrology or the Myers-Briggs personality assessments. You've got these gene-clusters, that means you've likely got X in … Continue reading A Brief Thought On What The Recent Rounds Of DNA Testing Indicate

On The Indo-European Etruscans?

Phaidimos Front of a limestone block from the stepped base of a funerary monument, mid-6th century B.C. Greek, Attic, Archaic Limestone; Overall: 12 1/2 x 33 1/2in. (31.8 x 85.1cm) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Rogers Fund, 1916 (16.174.6) One of those tantalizing mysteries of the Classical World concerns the origins of … Continue reading On The Indo-European Etruscans?